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Stainless Steel 304L outer Thread Water Strainer

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تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليفExport Packing

إنتاجية1000 Pieces Per Month


مكان المنشأXinxiang city, Henan province, China

الشهاداتISO 9001(2008) Quality Management Certificate


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1. Brief Introduction

The stainless steel 304L outer thread water strainer1 is often used in liquid/solid or gas/solid separation (desalination, water soften, sand filter). The most special one is the 904L nozzle in the methyl ethyl ketone unit-key inner parts of core equipment in refining and chemical enterprises.

2. Parameter

2 1 Basic Data


SS304 OD 53mm water filter nozzle 4

2.2 Technical Parameter

Applicable code: contour welding stainless steel pipe (SY5182-87)

Specification and size is customized.

2.3 Our Advantage

• High mechanical strength, withstand higher pressure resistance

• Uniform filtration slot, easy for uniform filter cake forming, better for backwashing

• Wedge slot to improve backwashing ability

• Pressure resistance, temperature resistance, aging resistance, anti-corrosion and suitable for all kind of fluid filtration

• Backwashing performance is satisfied.

3.Company Profile

3.1 Company Introduction

Xinxiang Shengda Filtration Technique Co., Ltd, is engaged in designing and manufacturing filtration products since establishment in 1998. Many professional engineers, experts devote to filtration & purification research and applications to offer technical support for the product designing and manufacturing. We has advanced manufacturing equipments, sophisticated production technology, sound quality assurance system.

Company Profile

3.2 Product Application:

Products are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, coal chemical, nuclear power, gas turbine power generation, wind power, coal-fired power generation, construction machinery, coal mining and other fields.


3.3 Company Advantage

  • We have many certificates about the design and manufacture of pressure vessel.
  • The type, supply quantity and application field of our product are far ahead of other domestic manufacturers. We have the most complete product chain: metal sintered filter material-filter element-filter container-set of equipment--laboratory-filter cleaning and regeneration. This chain ensures that we can produce high quality product with relatively low cost.
  • We have cooperated with many companies in the world such as SINOPEC,SEI, CNOOC,SABIC., BASF, BP p.l.c ., Petroleum Authority of Thailand, PetroKazakhstan, etc
  • We have advanced filter element testing equipment such as filtration and purification engineering technology research center, filtering and separation technology joint laboratory, gas turbine air filter EN779 test room, etc.
  • The company has set up 21 offices in China, from project follow-up, equipment delivery, spare parts replacement, etc. to provide meticulous and considerate services to the owners. In terms of international market, the company has set up an office in Dubai, which radiates the entire Middle East market, while the distribution and sales channels of North America and Central Asia are steadily advancing.


3.4 Introduction of Our Johnson Screen Workshop:

We have lots of resistance welding wire winding machines to produce filter element with small caliber (<100mm)and bigger caliber(100mm-1600mm). We have advanced equipment to produce our filter and filter element. Our annual production capacity of small caliber (diameter from 25mm to 100mm) filter element is more than 10000 pieces. The annual production capacity of water filter pipe used in water supply and geothermal projects is more than 10000 meters. The annual production capacity of Johnson screen support grid >is more than 100 sets.



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  • Stainless Steel 304L outer Thread Water Strainer
  • Stainless Steel 304L outer Thread Water Strainer
  • Stainless Steel 304L outer Thread Water Strainer
  • Stainless Steel 304L outer Thread Water Strainer
  • Stainless Steel 304L outer Thread Water Strainer
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